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My dream of losing my sister

My sister and I seem to be learning how to surf. We have a private instructor. First we make little purses (my impression of them) out of reeds to hold our lunches?!?!? crazy. Then we start walking along the beach to get our instructors board, we already have ours.

A giant wave comes. We aren't walking right next to the water, but next to a cliff that's a giant flat mirror. Looking up it I feel the same sense of awe that I do when I look up a cliff when walking along the coast in Capitola. When the giant tsunami hits us it slams us against the "mirror" then tries to suck us and our boards away out to sea. (This might come from my first experience boogie boarding where I had to remember to roll off my board before I hit the wall, if I didn't the wave would push me up against it and I felt like I had been body slammed, oh joy).

My sister and I lose our reed purses (I had the impression that both the instructor and my sister had been disgusted with the "style" of my "purse). We continue down the beach getting farther away from where we had started. Each time a wave comes my sister and I hide behide a rack of boardswith our bodies pressed against the mirror. I look over my shoulder and yell, "it's coming, it's coming...almost here" then I breath deep, hold my breath, then bam the wave hits. It is assumed that my sister is doing the same thing. The instructor is somehow always in the water and we think that it would take an expert to be able to survive being in the water when the big waves come. She is always alive...

Three gigantic waves come in the course of my dream and in the last one my sister is sucked out to sea by the under-toe. At first I tell her to hold onto her board. Then, when I see that it may be what's making it hard for her to come back to me I tell her to forget the board...
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