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Night Terrors

Nightmares suck but night terrors are so much worse. For anyone who doesnt know, a night terror is where you are awake but still seeing the scary thing - kinda like hallucinating. And your autonomic nervous system is activated, which creates a "fight or flight" feeling, which is why some people sleep walk. It can also cause anxiety attacks - this happens to me.

I had one of these this morning, left me very shaken. I woke, but the room was distorted, proportions were all off. Like, I had my hand on my cats head, but he looked to be half way across the room. And as I looked toward the wall it was like a desert and I could see a Mynci coming after me. To which I thought, "if I just had a banana gun..." - weird. Anyways, that set off an anxiety attack, a panic attack. And as I tried to go back to sleep, instead of drifting to sleep I kept kinda blacking out. And I could feel my whole body feeling fuzzy, like there were sparks coming out from me. Finally I had to get up, heart pounding, scared and go sleep somewhere else.
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