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Just a funny odd dream for my first post.

I had fucked up dreams this morning. It started out with missy coming in to wake me up, my house was different though it looked ratty neglected like, I struggles to wake, she made me go to the store. I bought a snickers ice cream bar and I stole a runt the pink heart shape ones yummy. The my brother had a truck which was really big extended cab and bed he could not drive it worth a damn we were at our old house which had been torn down some time ago. My mother told me I had to move out they could not afford to keep me any longer, so I was packing my things my Barbie dolls (!they have been gone for years) and I was looking for things of mine they were all things from my childhood long lost throw away and forgotten, the basement was moldy it was never moldy as though things had not been touched here for a long time. I woke up confused and thinking I had to go to the basement at my moms and get my stuff when I remembered that house was torn down last summer…. then I hit the alarm the dream switched. It gets important here. Something odd I got out of a large vehicle a bus? Something like that and people with me we were all disappointed and scared we had (landed) in the wrong place the land was hardened lava type rock you could see how it had flowed and then hardened. I climbed up it looked around it was a wasteland. We stared our mission. I wrote a letter to someone dear and I left it hidden. This seemed like an earth but not earth there were some fields and dirt roads. Shacks and such. We were looking for survivors. And we were trying to live. We found some people and we put them in the bus we had like laser guns ..lol… all of the sudden we were attacked by aliens they looked like smegal exactly like him! And water killed them. We shoot at them with the guns but they did not help. Then the dark sky opened up and it began to rain they screamed in agony and we were taking cover in a big old barn. We had captured on who was furious. We had killed a bunch of babies with our lasers they reproduced at a fast rate some 200,000,00 in two years. He was quite pissed to have to start over again. We had him and we were digging for info as his companions screamed as they died in the rain. I don’t know that we got what we needed soon after that I woke up and decided I no longer wanted to sleep. I hate smegal and I hate aliens I cant kill dammnit.
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