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xdream_worldx's Journal

Sweet Dreamz
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hello, this mean be a weird community to some but to me its a cool idea to make a community about dreams, well i know everyone have dreams every night. so here is a community to write and talk about those dreams!, dont be shy! we all have weird,funny,sex,crazy,sad,happy and even killing dreams lol well about killing. our little fantasies in our little own world of dreams!.so come and join and post about your dreams!,

1.Always use a LJ cut for any long post!

2.Be kind to others.

3.There will be no disrespecting or else you will be kicked out.

4.No asking for any LJ codes for there is a coummunity for that here "codesharing">

follow these steps when lj messed up and posted your post more then once or when you want to edit your post