Jesse (chordoflife) wrote in xdream_worldx,

Ghosts in my dreams

In my dream I'm tormented by ghosts who refuse to leave me alone and be little me with whispered comments like "I know about you". The bad ghosts seem to show up and they want something from me, but they don't tell me what it is. I talk to my father and he tells me he knows a church I can hide out in where I'll be safe, I end up hanging out in this abandoned church with a homeless kid who is much younger than me. My dad tries to keep me calm and when I start seeing the ghosts again, my mother tells me she sees them as well. I end up in a graveyard with child ghosts who want to talk to me about how lonely they are. The child ghosts are good ghosts and say that i'm safe with them. The skies darken and then I wake up. I'm not sure what this means.. anyone?
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