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Okay, this will probably be the first ime I'm posting here, but I've had some wierd dreams lately. If anybody can tell me what they might mean, I'd be grateful.

Okay, the first one is extremely odd. First off, my family and I are at what looks like Epcot. Now, I've had this dream before, so I thought "nothing new. I live through it. But, then I turned to this girl next to me and it looked like somebody I knew really well. (note that I am a girl and this "person" is also a girl). She then asks, "I want to know if its true. Are you really destined to be alone?" I told her yes, then asked why she asked. She simply said, "because of this." and then she kissed me. Next thing I knew, I fell in love with her. The next day (in my dream) I'm wakling down the road to a beach to a house. The scene looks like a scene I picture from the book "Silver on the Tree" written by Susan Cooper. Anyway, I knock on the door to this house and a girl answers. I ask if her husband is there, so she goes and gets him. When he comes, it looks identical to Zechs (from the anime Gundam Wing). I ask where his sister is and he points me up to a house on top of this hill. I bound up there. Its a house that's all glass, but has blinds like you would see on sliding glass doors surrounding it. I see a head poke out of the blinds, and its her. She opens the door when I get to it, we kiss, then I wake up to my alarm. *is confused* can anybody tell me what's going on?

And my second one is even wierder! There was that old guy from Gone in 60 Second, Heero Yuy (from Gundam wing), me, and a character from a book called "A Tale of Unfortunate Events" (Esme if anybody has read the series and knows who I'm talking about). Esme comes up to me and the old guy and demands to know what we are doing. The details are shaky coz I'd rather forget, but its been bugging me. But, the guy slides a paper off the esk to Heero, whoc tries to hide it. The old guy (why can't I remember his name?) says something stupid, then runs out the door. Esme says, "I see right throught this! Come back here and meet your doom!" (I had watch Tuck Everlasting the day before). She throws a knife and it hits him right between the eyes (but more on his forehead). The wierd part: there's no blood. No blood comes out of his head! Then, she turns on me and I wake up! But, that's not the wierdest part. I had been trying to pull myself out of my sleep since the guy ran out of the house. I could feel my body trying to get itself up, but my mind not moving. It was almost like I was frozen in my dream and it scare the crap out of me!

If anybody can help, please do. I'm a bit freaked out coz I rarely dream something like this...

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