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Columbia, scared of airplanes, wild rollercoaster and a midget named Chuck.

I had the weirdest dream of being on a a car and I was following a chasing car.And I was with a female friend and there on the car we were chasing.we finally got to be side to side with it.So I kill the leader and I get into the car and my partner(the girl) just dissapears and the other two guys are like "what happened to chuck" which was the leader.I didn't really kill him.....I knocked him of the pick-up truck and he got trampled on.So I stayed on the thing...and like we're in this really sick twisting roller coaster.And then to let us down....splash!It let us off in the water of a central park in Columbia.Well then I didn't know it was Columbia but it wqas some spanish place.And I'm with my female friend and then we run and see the house from Nightmare on Elm Street and the numbers in the movie are 1428 elm street....but on the house they are different so I open the door and it's all scary and my friend runs away.And I shut the door cuz just by looking inside it looked just how Nancy had it.SO then I meet up with oen guy and we're walking n crap and we bump into 3 guys that I saw before who were looking for me and him.We ran across so they wouldnt see us.But we ran back around the Kreuger house....and then we came to a dead end where he jumped in and bounced.Next thing I know I'm on a airplane back to NYC from Columbia(mind you i'm not columbian) and I was freaking out cuz there was turbulance and the airplane wasnt really an was just fake And It felt like the floor could break apart in half.And we had to wear those water lifesjackets and I was all freaked out.And then I wished for us to land and there was a airport right ahead and we landed.One I didnt know it was columbia, but I knew cuz the pilot looked like my teacher who is Columbia..blonde n all.But she does look like most c9olumbian's do.OMG..and the ariport my ears popped but then it went away madd quick and I started singing Jessica Simpson's A Little Bit...dont ask me why but in my dream thet helped with the that airplane....I was was like a nightmare I wouldnt wake up.I was shaking and the airplane moved and went from side to side,,,,, tilting...omg...I coulda swore I could of have had a heart attack.
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